Natalina Keats



Natalina Keats has been with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) since 2018 and is the Director of National Learning Services within the Learning and Development Directorate.

Following completion of a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations from Queen’s University, Natalina began her career with the federal government in 2002 as a Junior HR Advisor, working in recruitment.  Over time, Natalina held several corporate HR related positions in departments such as Natural Resources Canada and Transport Canada until she started her career in learning and development at the Canada Border Services Agency in 2006 and then later at the RCMP.  She has held many positions in learning during that time including overseeing learning policy development, corporate planning and reporting, learning management systems, instructional design and multimedia development, national training standards, among others.

In her current position as Director, National Learning Services, Natalina oversees a wide and diverse mandate that includes being the national policy centre and centre of expertise for national operational in-service training for the RCMP.

Natalina is also a member of the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) National Advisory Committee and a member of the CPKN Learning Needs Sub-committee.

Natalina has been a member of CAPE since November 2023.