Atlantic Police Academy Presents

C.A.P.E. 2017 Transforming Canada’s Police Training and Education


Engage, Inform and Advocate

Date: June 12 - 16

In the past several decades Canada has an established reputation as having a “system” of police and public safety that is considered to be amongst the best in the world. This is a most significant accomplishment given Canada’s has a complex multi-layered System of governance. In Canada the Federal, Provincial and Local Governments as well as First Nations all have significant roles and responsibilities when it comes to police and Public safety.

However in most recent years the “dynamics” of a rapidly changing world combined with unprecedented threats to public safety has raised the alarm that our prized System of Policing will not be sustainable. When one considers “policing” must take into account the competing Government priorities of Health Care, Education, Environment, and crumbling Infrastructure it becomes obvious the “pressure to deliver more with less” will only increase in the years ahead. The challenge to all Police leaders becomes even more daunting when we take into account the borderless nature of the crimes we are expected to prevent or solve.

There is no blueprint for moving forward and given the wicked daily demands on police leaders there is scarcity time to reflect and consider our “next steps”.

It is the desire of CAPE that the 2017 Conference will accomplish (2) objectives. First as always is to provide an environment to renew, refresh working relationships with Police Trainers and Educators from across Canada. Secondly is to provide an important opportunity to Engage, Inform and Advocate on what we believe are the key elements in a blueprint for Transformative Change.

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Registration fee: $500

Register by Thursday June 1, 2017.

Registration must be received by Thursday June 1, 2017. The conference is expected to sellout, however, and some events have maximum capacities. Please submit the form, attached to this article, before the deadline.

The registration form will be available in February 2017 on the C.A.P.E. website:

Conference: Monday, June 12 2017 18:30 – Friday, June 16 2017 10:15

We would appreciate if you could provide us with your arrival dates and times to the Charlottetown Airport.

Registration Includes

– Wine & Cheese reception at the Meet & Greet Monday evening
– Daily morning and afternoon refreshment breaks
– Lunches on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
– Banquet Thursday evening


Conference Details

Whats Happening at

C.A.P.E 2017?

  • Thought provoking dialogue and engagement of our delegates.
  •  An examination of current training practices and a vision for the future that may (or may not) involve new structures.
  • Dialogue on how to best prepare officers to address issues such as changing technology, immigration, population demographics, cyber-crime, and global criminal activities.
  • Ideas on how policing might address taxpayer fatigue and competing priorities such as Health and Education.
  • How can training standards and lesson plans be integrated in order to provide a clear path of life-long learning for police personnel?
  • LEADERSHIP involves leading change. Empower CAPE to advocate with government on behalf of police officers, police services, and educational institutions across Canada.