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FBI Seminar 2010

FBI – Officer Safety/Street Survival Seminar 2010



The session is being held February 6, 2010 and February 7, 2010


The speaker for this year’s conference is Marcus Young


The session will take place at the Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security Staff College.

Law Enforcement Officers Killed & Assaulted (LEOKA) Program

The FBI Law Enforcement Officers Killed & Assaulted Seminar included the following topics:

  • National FBI LEOKA Program / Resources
  • LEOKA Research / Statistical Information
  • Officer Safety – Awareness – Street Survival
  • Foot Pursuits - Traffic Stops
  • Controlling Arrest Situations & Handcuffing
  • Street Combat Veterans
  • Post Critical Incident Stress
  • Will to Survive - Will to Win
  • The Deadly Mix - An Integrative Approach
  • Mental Preparation for Street Survival

200 delegates attended the session.