Melanie Marchand


Georgian College

Melanie Marchand

Melanie Marchand started her academic journey at the University of Waterloo where she majored in Criminology, Sociology and Legal Studies. Upon graduation she moved to B.C to pursue a Masters in Criminology at Simon Fraser University. Melanie was fortunate to work with some of the top Criminologists in Canada and continued to complete her Ph.D coursework at Simon Fraser and U of T.

While working on her Masters, she worked closely with the RCMP conducting original research on DNA databank offences and crime escalation. Melanie’s research interests include: criminological theory, criminal behaviour and analysis, biology of crime, and crime escalation.

Upon graduation Melanie returned to Ontario and joined the Honours Bachelor of Police Studies Degree program at Georgian College as professor in the spring of 2003 and has been co-ordinator of the program since 2007.

Melanie’s teaching promotes student-centred and experiential learning. She believes strongly in active and co-operative learning strategies. Melanie has always had a student-centered approach and believes in supporting students diverse learning styles.

Melanie has taught a variety of courses within her area of expertise, including: Contemporary Issues in Criminology, Criminal Behaviour and Analysis, Policing and Society, Crime and Punishment, Sociology, Research Methods and Forensic Science.

Melanie has been a member of CAPE since 2015.