May, 2015

C.A.P.E. Conference 2015

C.A.P.E. 2015 Conference | Effective and Defensible Training Through Collaboration


Thanks to all who participated in the 2015 BC CAPE Conference! You contributed to its success.

I have posted photos from the conference to share with you. Feel free to copy photos of beautiful BC but don’t wait too long. The photos will be removed from this website June 30.

Catherine Wareham

CAPE Secretary


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In the changing landscape of police training many agencies are stretching their resources to do more with less. The goal of this year’s CAPE conference is to promote discussion on hot topics in police training, highlighting collaboration as a mechanism to achieve effective and defensible training within the current economic climate.

Sessions at the conference are designed to be short, fast-paced presentations followed by facilitated group discussions, panel discussions, or question and answer sessions with panelists to promote interaction and critical thinking. Innovations in police training in BC will be showcased throughout the conference and scheduled updates from various organizations and committees will promote collaboration.

Conference Details

Whats Happening at

C.A.P.E 2015?

  • Hot topics in police training:
    • Mental readiness
    • Two-tiered policing
    • The Economics of policing
  • Training for Vancouver’s Downtown East Side
  • The JIBC continuum of training
  • Assessing in the real world:
    • Outcomes based assessment
    • Reality-based training and assessment
    • Blended learning: e-learning for outcomes based assessment
  • Developing provincial standards:
    • BC’s Certified Use of Force Instructor Course (CUFIC)
    • BC’s Firearms working group
    • Police Services Division – working towards provincial standards in BC
  • Assessment Centre
  • National Training Inventory
  • Collaboration in Police Training
  • BC’s Crisis Intervention and De-Escalation training

Pre-CAPE Curriculum Mapping Workshop

Curriculum mapping:

With limited time and resources, it is crucial that training is targeted to the core knowledge, skills, and attitudes that our learners must develop. Mapping training programs to The Police Sector Council National Framework of Competencies, which are based on research and collaboration from agencies across the country, provides a means to ensure that police training is meeting these core needs. It also provides a framework for comparing and assessing programs to eliminate unintentional redundancy and ensure that the impact of training dollars is maximized. Finally, a well-developed curriculum map will enhance learner performance by highlighting how the learning activities and assessment practices are expected to lead to the program outcomes.

Workshop goals:

The goal of this workshop is to facilitate mapping of police training curricula to the Police Sector Council National Competency Framework. Workshop activities will be tailored to individual departments’ needs through pre-workshop analysis, ‘homework’, and in-workshop group collaboration. Participants will work independently and in groups to critically assess their program outcomes and to map these outcomes to the Competency Framework. Prior to the workshop, participants will work with their local instructors/SMEs to complete a task map that will be used to validate their high level competency map. The group will explore the next level of curriculum mapping and participants will develop a plan to map to the level of individual sessions. Individual session maps may be completed during the workshop, depending on the size of the program. Registrants should expect to begin submitting material approximately one month prior to the workshop date.


By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Identify the curriculum mapping needs of their training section/program.
  • Generate, at minimum, a validated high-level competency map of their selected program.
  • Develop and implement a plan for mapping their curriculum at the individual session level. (Smaller programs may complete this map during the session.)

General Details

limited-capacity pre-CAPE workshop on curriculum mapping will be offered where participants will work directly with the BC Police Academy Curriculum Developer to map their curriculum to the Police Sector Council National Framework of Competencies.

There will be opportunities to network and exchange ideas in an informal setting.

The pre-CAPE workshop will be held at BC Police Academy, located at the Justice Institute of British Columbia, New Westminster BC, on Tuesday May 19, 2015.

Conference will be held at the BC Police Academy, located at the Justice Institute of British Columbia, New Westminster BC. from Wednesday May 20 – Friday May 22, 2015.